Quarter Beef

Quarter Beef

A half side of beef, custom cut.
$4.08/lb. Avg. 205 lb.
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* Please read "Whole Animal Orders" protocol before ordering.

Beef Cut Sheet
Thank you for ordering from Wood Farms. This form is meant to make the process of buying a side of beef easier than it has ever been before.
In this sheet, we will walk you through every cut option from a side of beef.
Cut options vary from butcher to butcher. The options below match the ways that Wood Farms processes beef.
On the next page, you will see a diagram of the primal cuts of beef. We ask that you familiarize yourself with each primal.
While going through the cut sheet, please keep in mind your overall desire for what you want with your side of beef.

- Do you cook a lot of ground beef? If so, we recommend grinding a few of the roast options to get more ground beef.
- Do you enjoy cooking roasts and steaks? If so, we recommend leaving these whole instead of grinding them.
- The more roasts and steaks you leave whole, the less ground beef you will have. You will still get plenty of ground beef back if you leave these cuts whole – so don’t think you have to grind everything.
- We advocate keeping as many cuts whole as possible. Each cut of beef has its own texture and flavor profile. By keeping these cuts whole, you will know what you like in the future. It will also allow you to expand on your knowledge as a home cook.
- If you choose to keep all of your roasts and other cuts whole, you can still expect around 60 lbs of ground beef.

Ground Beef – How many lbs per package? Pick one.
1 lb
2 lbs
5 lbs

Would you like any stew meat? 2lb packs

How thick would you like your steaks? Pick one.
1 in
1.25 in
1.5 in
2 in

Roasts – How heavy? Pick one.
2-3 lbs
3-4 lbs
4-5 lbs

Beef Bones – Great for making soups or dog bones. If you would like bones specify how many lbs.
3 lb
5 lb
10 lb

All the Extras – Check any of these cuts that you would like to try at home.
Hanger Steak
Skirt Steak

Chuck section – Choose one
Chuck Roasts
Grind for ground beef
Half roasts half grind

Would you like to try either of these cuts from the chuck?
Chuck eye steaks
Chuck short rib

Brisket – Choose one
Grind for ground beef
Leave whole, untrimmed
Leave whole, trimmed
Cut in half

Flank – Choose one
Leave whole

Plate – Choose one. (the plate is great for beef ribs and slow cooking options)
Grind for ground beef
Short Ribs
Korean style

Rib Section – Choose one
Rib Roast (prime rib)
Delmonico steaks (ribeye) boneless

Loin Section – Choose one
T-bone and Porterhouse steaks
OR Boneless Filet and NY Strips

Sirloin Section – Choose one.
Grind for ground beef

Would you like to try:
Sirloin cap

Top Round – Choose one.
London Broil
Grind for ground beef

Bottom Round – Choose one.
Grind for ground beef

1/4 what to expect

Average Weight… 205#

Ribeye… ~9#
Short loin… ~10#
Denver… ~7#
Chuck Roasts… ~25#
Brisket… ~5#
Short Rib… ~7#
Flank… ~3#
Sirloin… ~10#
Round… ~10
Shank… ~15#
Hamburger… ~35-100# (Varies due to choice of roasts vs hamburger)